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Writing and Recipes

Writing Samples
Surfacing: Five Places to Go in Austin, The New York Times
For years, Burnet Road in Austin was mostly seen as a tatty stretch of car repair shops, old-school food joints, gas stations and derelict businesses. But the well-trafficked major thoroughfare, about 15 minutes from downtown, is becoming a hot spot in this fast-growing city, with sleek, amenity-filled condos and sparkling new outposts for up-and-coming and already proven Austin restaurants.


Escape From New York: Santa Fe, Time Out NY
Because even the most loyal New Yorker needs to flee the greatest city on earth (sometimes). 


A Rooftop Vineyard Grows in Brooklyn
Up a flight of stairs, the rooftop opens to another world. There, set against an expansive view of the Manhattan skyline, rows of twisted grapevines dance in the brisk breeze coming off the East River.
Over-the-Top Puffle Cones Are the Cool Dessert Trend You Need to Try,
Scroll through any foodie's Instagram feed these days and you're likely to see it: a towering heap of ice cream tricked out with colorful toppings and sauces, all snuggled securely into a pillowy cone that looks like bubble wrap made out of dough.
Recipe and Photography Samples
3 Easy No-Cook Dips That Aren't Guacamole,
Tired of serving the usual chips and guac at your summer barbecue? Bored with the standard picnic fare of store-bought hummus and baby carrots? These three inventive, no-cook dips make the most of fresh summer produce and are a snap to whip up on a hot day. 


These 3 Easy One-Pot Rice Meals Let You Skip the Messy Dinner Cleanup,
Want to throw dinner together without a lot of fuss?  These three meals are cooked entirely in one pot; just keep layering in ingredients for a hearty, satisfying dish that's loaded with flavor.


Cinnamon Rhubarb Bread,
Everyone raves about this easy-to-make quick bread, which has a lovely warmth from the cinnamon and brown sugar.
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